Where Can You Get a Hot Shave in Yorkville, NY?

Turn to Pauly’s Barbershop to get an old-fashioned shave

Getting a hot shave is nothing short of a therapeutic experience. If you’re used to shaving with cheap razors and electric shavers, you’re in for a treat. Visit Pauly’s Barbershop in Yorkville, NY for a relaxing shave superior to what you can achieve with a safety razor and a handful of shaving cream.

Hot Shaves in Yorkville, NY

The hot shave process

The hot shave is a methodical and relaxing method of grooming that results in a close shave with no razor burns. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  1. Sit down and we’ll drape you to keep your clothes clean
  2. We’ll apply a hot towel to your face to soften your skin and hair
  3. We’ll wash your face, apply a hot towel once again and apply the shaving cream
  4. We’ll execute the shave, rinse and treat your skin

You can count on Pauly’s Barbershop for an enjoyable hot shave experience.