Stop By for a trim and a Shave

Stop By for a trim and a Shave

Not everyone is handy with a razor or a pair of clippers. If you need a haircut, a close shave or assistance maintaining your beard, turn to Pauly’s Barbershop in Yorkville, NY. We’ll care for your appearance as well as the health of your hair and beard.

Reach out to us at 315-732-0791 to learn more about our barbershop.

3 reasons to visit our barbershop

At Pauly’s Barbershop, we care deeply about our clients, and we want to give you the best barbershop experience possible. Here are a few reasons to stop by for a cut:

  1. We have the only barbershop kids play area in the county
  2. We offer hot shaves and beard grooming services
  3. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry

Dial 315-732-0791 to schedule an appointment.

Visit our Yorkville, NY barbershop for a brand new look

Pauly’s Barbershop is located in Yorkville, NY. Established in 2011, we’re dedicated to offering high-quality shaves and grooming services to the Yorkville community. We believe that the secret to a great haircut is personal service, experience and a trusting relationship. We make sure our services are completed with care, and we work to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Choose Pauly’s Barbershop to execute a tasteful shave, haircut or beard trim.

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